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Every day and all over the world, young people engage in peace building-in big and small ways. Every day in conflict zones around the world, young people are building bridges across communities, working together, educating each other and helping to manage conflict and promote peace. These initiatives may often go unnoticed, but young people are vital stakeholders in conflict and peace building as they have the potential to act as community leaders in peace building, reconciliation, and post conflict reconstruction.

On the other hand, however, the increasing participation of youths in violent activities in Uganda now days, is a source of worry to all Ugandan people alike. Most violent activities running on different media daily, ranging from armed robbery, rape, street fighting, electoral violence, school strikes and employee strikes all these violence are being perpetrated by youths.

Being the majority in Uganda’s population (about 75%), the youth of today bring worries to everyone about how the future Uganda will be if the current acts of violence behaviors of the youth dominate the country and are passed onto the future generation, yet, the very future of Uganda depends on the kind of youths the present generation is able to nurture.

As concerned “minority but focused youth”, we found, it’s very necessary to sensitize and inform the youth of Uganda about what is right and what is wrong in order to change the mindset among youth towards peace building and social-economic development so that the youth generation has a bright future in Uganda.

This is where “AYLP” comes in. AYLP stands for “African Youth with the Light of Peace”, a youth CBO which was registered on 19th July, 2016 with both Mbarara Municipality and Mbarara district local government. With the vision of, to improve youth lives while creating enhancing environment for national and global development. And the mission of to have a world, where all youth have a strong representative in championing social, political and economic development at all levels in Uganda and Africa at large while harnessing peace, mutual tolerance, respect, cooperation and harmonious co-existence.


And the objectives; to sensitize youth about peace and its benefits towards development, to promote cooperation and togetherness among youth, to promote entreneurship and hands skills among youth, to promote innovation among youth through embracing new technologies, to encourage youth to preserve environment, to encourage youth not to be involved in any sort of violence, to encourage youth to stay health and positives, to promote social integration in communities, to ensure peace and security among youth, to encourage youth to be involved in peace building capacities and conflict resolutions.