Welcome to: African Youth with the Light of Peace Website
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AYLP is composed of self-driven and motivated youths that united to advocate for peace and call all youth to protect the prevailing peace, stay healthy, positive and raise hopes among the victims of wars and violence such as refugees (PSNs), prisoners, sick people and those involved in strikes and families violence (GBV), discriminated young people in Uganda and Africa at large.  AYLP is more of doing it than planning that’s why we are mostly found in the events and fields so as to educate and inspire our fellow by acting as examples. We do the talks but not talk the does, we believe in doing it but not saying it

Our Objectives are; to sensitize youth about peace and its benefits towards development, to promote cooperation and togetherness among youth, to promote entreneurship and hands skills among youth, to promote innovation among youth through embracing new technologies, to encourage youth to preserve environment, to encourage youth not to be involved in any sort of violence, to encourage youth to stay health and positives, to promote social integration in communities, to ensure peace and security among youth, to encourage youth to be involved in peace building capacities and conflict resolutions